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Meet the brandnew DynaPad, the world’s most advanced furniture glide!With DynaPad the next generation of floor-glide-products has arrived – chairs, furniture and many other household objects will slide smoothly and almost silently – protecting your floors and your nerves.

Meet the brandnew DynaPad, the world’s most advanced furniture glide!

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Say goodbye to goosebumps caused by chairs scratching the floor!

Shops already offer a variety of furniture glides. However, you won’t profit from any of these products for too long. The slides made of felt, rubber or plastic are quickly pressed flat, they stiffen as the material ages and breaks or just fall off once the glue becomes obsolete. And the whole procedure starts again… New slides are needed, this is annoying, expensive and ecologically harmful. 

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It’s all about material!

Thinking about those disadvantages, the solution lies at hand:  why not use a material with excellent gliding properties – resistant to flattening as well as wearout – and fix it with the best adhesive tape available on the market?

It’s that simple, indeed: the superior high-tech material of DynaPad was originally developed for other purposes than slides – similar to Teflon for aerospace until it started to be used for frying pans. DynaPad puts high-tech under your furniture-legs – fixed with superior Dyneema® adhesive tape.

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Carefully constructed and designed with passion

DynaPads are a fabric of woven Dyneema®, a high performance fibre made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).

  • 15x stronger than steel
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Highly cut resistant
  • Extremely durable

DynaPads are nearly indestructible. They slide easily and quietly. They last much longer than any other slides available on the market. They even work with extremely heavy furniture.

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DynaPad has awesome features

DynaPad is simple

DynaPads are carefully constructed and designed with passion with a simple but robust design.

DynaPad is silent

Rattling, creaking or scratches when moving around furniture are over - once and for all.

DynaPad is durable

The extremely smooth surface is almost indestructible at normal use and lasts much longer than all other slides available on the market.

DynaPad is sustainable

As DynaPads help to reduce waste and protect the environment – not to mention the household budget. DynaPad is made of Dyneema® yarn – environmentally certified and tested on harmful substances on all grades, natural and coloured. Specific standard is ISO 17050-1 – DynaPad meets the human-ecological requirements for products in direct contact to skin.

DynaPad is comfortable

Your household objects will slide absolutley easy over the ground with no effort and protect your valuable floorings.

DynaPad Sketch for round and square version.
DynaPad is versatile

DynaPads can be used for any kind of furniture and many other household objects. They are extremely thin, they stick to every surface and they can be partly combined with already existing solutions!

DynaPad is hygenic

If your DynaPads need cleaning, just wipe them with a damp cloth to get them as good as new again.

DynaPad is affordable

The value for money is excellent. DynaPads last almost a lifetime. Less waste means a healthier environment!

DynaPad is easy-to-use

DynaPads are quickly attached. Just peel off the foil, adjust the pad to any clean surface and you’re done.

DynaPad is also sexy ...

The woven fibre, nice stitching, along with the flat and clean design DynaPad looks great on any furniture.



40 x


15 x


3 x



Quality from A–Z

The production as well as the fibre processing and attachment of the Dyneema adhesive power strip are consolidated under one roof.

This allows us to guarantee that our high quality standards are precisely realized and closely monitored throughout the whole process – contributing to a product with outstanding and unique characteristics.

„We have moved different chairs on diverse surfaces around thousand times. The results were absolutely convincing … the DynaPads are almost completely intact.“
Jay T. – Founder & Head Of Product Development
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Dyneema is amazing!

Dyneema’s strong, flexible and durable Dyneema® fibre formats are truly with you when it matters for a wide range of industries or applications.

Many global and well known companies and industries around the world are using the dyneema fibre in their products. Learn what awesome stuff is made from Dyneema.
The fibre is i.e. used in:

  • Bulletproof vests and shields (Police and Military)
  • Protective clothing for motorcycles (Racing)
  • Cut resistant gloves (Construction)
  • Dyneema ropes instead of steel wire ropes (Heavy lifting industries)
  • New Dyneema air cargo containers (Aviation)
  • The cable coating of charging cables (Apple)
  • Outdoor and sport apparels (The North Face, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, FYF)
  • Jeans (Levi’s)
  • and many many more…
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DynaPads just fit!

See how well DynaPads fit on any kind of chairs and other furniture.


We have the answers 

to your questions

DynaPad is an innovative and durable solution for easy and scratch-free moving around of all kinds of furniture. They are the best and smoothest furniture glides of all times.

DynaPads stick securely to furniture. They slide easily and do not raise the furniture – thanks to their slim design. DynaPad is silent, durable, sustainable, comfortable, versatile, hygienic, affordable and easy-to-use.

A look at your furniture legs will help. DynaPads come in round as well as square shape.

DynaPads come equipped with a very strong layer of adhesive tape. Just peel off the foil, adjust the pad to any clean surface and you’re done. You can also refer to the mounting animation on Kickstarter.

DynaPads are made out of the Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWP) fibre Dyneema®. Dyneema® the world’s strongest fibre in both tensile and abrasive strength, which accounts for DynaPad’s extreme durability and abrasion resistance. Dyneema® also has a very low coefficient of friction. Dyneema® is well-tried in a wide variety of products with special requirements regarding strongness, safety and resistance.

After 12 months of testing, DynaPads looked as good as new. Given the strength of the material, we estimate they will last indefinitely.  Infinity, here we come.

DynaPads last almost a lifetime. They don’t need to be disposed of. Less waste means a  healthier environment!

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